12 Annoying Email Marketing Habits That Could Bring Death to Your List!

Think about it, isn’t it distasteful when you eat a nice meal and suddenly bad vibes hit the family table? Imagine when you’ve started building your clients confidence with using your wonderful website pop-up to collect leads to grow your email database, but delivery wasn’t as promised.

Here is a list of 3 specific, annoying email marketing habits that could lead to the death to your business if not attended on time.

annoying email marketing habitsAnnoying Email Marketing Habit #1! No delivery of the specific email pop-up promotion! Most of us loathe at this scenario, just like you might personally dislike it as well. Nothing is worse than a liar, and this is surely another way of lying. The only difference in such case is that your client is not in front of you.

Not delivering what you promised denotes no respect for your arriving client. It may even confirm how untrustworthy the person can be or it can define and exemplify what type of business standards they have as business owners.

As email marketers, we are completely responsible for everything we publish; this is even more evident if you’re in Great Britain, Europe or the US marketplace. If you’re in any of these gems you can get hit by large sums of fines with minimal investigation of wrongdoings. The takeaway. Deliver what you promise on any related email promotion. Do not risk losing a cold lead, even worse, losing a potential paid client. Every action counts.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #2!

annoying email marketing habitsDreadfully boring! My goodness. Dramatically or positively, boring is still defined as boring! You don’t need to be the next Gary Halbert or the next copywriting icon.

It is by my own experience of trial and error that you need to keep your readership alive by giving them what they’d like! Often what they would like is often amazingly simple, but often not what you think! Depending on your niche, you can inform them in a professional manner.

Letting your clients know that you’re truly interested in them by giving them what they want often goes miles in keeping healthy relationships. If there’s something I’ve learned back in my college days, is that – as you may also agree – a smile is the true starting gateway to multiple convulsive orgasms! In layman terms, mesmerize your clients and build a fan by delivering!

Make sure they find those “aha” rich moments. Deliver that addictive substance of wanting more of your deliverable. My bet is that you won’t ever bore them, in the odd case you’ve the most introverted personality to ever hit earth. Reason being, because you’ll consistently be giving them what they want! And guys, it works like a charm. Simple business 101 practices that are often overlooked, right?

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #3!

  • Lack of enough substance! As example, a newsletter about losing weight tells you what to do to lose weight, but doesn’t tell you the fundamentals of immediate habit change to succeed. This type of email delivery practice is annoying to most us, especially if we are to become paying customers. There is a lot of competition in many profitable online niches, you’ve got to deliver the very best possible advice if you’re to survive and thrive as an authority.

A content message and substance first – everything else should be secondary! Provide examples, use stories to direct your message, teach by example and promote the habit of delivering good-to-great value in every communication. It doesn’t fail to create loyal fans and readership. Your open conversion rate should skyrocket, especially if you gave out advice for free that is otherwise paid.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #4!

  • Lack of examples in complex subjects – sure what might be obvious for me, may not be obvious for you. If your gut feelings are often wrong, double check with another smart mind or, yes – someone highly more experienced than you – not to say intelligent! All in for reasons of business, nothing should be emotional here in what should be your laser focused operation.

So show clear examples if your subject is geared towards fundamental teachings. If you’re talking about how to fix a gas pump for a car, just to throw an example, having a video explanation would often be best. And of last resort, good written mental pictures so the user at the other end understands your context and message.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #5!

  • Multiple worthless email communications in a day? I mean, why?! Imagine your last messages lacking substance and be way off from the topics in question. Depending on the person’s level of tolerance, this’ll often be incredibly annoying. Imagine if your reader is a US Army newly commissioned officer? In other words, if your subscribers email list is mature and in greater percentage, American, know that tolerance is a treat that you’re responsible for and making sure every single time someone reads about you is actually something worthy of their time! I try to follow this advice to the best of my knowledge all the time, it sends a clear message that you respect your subscriber. Psychology 101 if I may say. Quite a few of us should have chosen this major in our 20s! We continue…

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #6!

  • “Sell, Sell, Sell!Reminds me of Jim Cramer shouting when a stock is predicted to go down! You’re consistently selling, which is a “no go!” We have to sell online constantly in order to survive, thrive and set fulfillment in if it’s our full time day to day – that’s for sure – but, too much of something can often kill you as you might agree as well! Bringing balance to your free newsletter or paid opt-in subscriber base would be critical even when most people don’t know what they want and just need a reason to buy, being reasonable in your selling digital habits would be ideal.

The reason why as you might remind yourself; giving free paid stuff almost away builds good credibility and loyal readership, just as paid readership. However, if you’re starting to get your feet wet, let them get to know you first and then give options if your target market isn’t in a straight-heads-on marketplace.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #7!

  • Rehash of Your Own Content – no! Just no. It is notably acceptable to post and remind your subscribers 3 or 6 month from the moment you posted a similar email if it merits it, by content relativity. However, to say the same thing over and over again with a quick spin from previous publishing from other newsletters is just bad.

Content spinners are good, but to what extent when you’re intending to build a tribe of followers? With rehash stuff just to publish something? Quality over quantity to build credibility ok, just a nice reminder here. Rehash content would only get many of us the “rehash” label in our ideal customer’s impressions and made up conclusions in time. Don’t publish the same information over and over again. Quality over quantity, always remember!

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #8

  • Constant grammar issues – hey! Many of us know multiple languages thanks to our forceful life situations – which might be a blessing – but, consistently having grammar inadequacies is just wrong. If English isn’t your primary language and you know such skill is perishable, quickly get good at it or hire someone to edit for you. It can be insanely cheap if you’re creative. You can get your message across professionally and nicely by editing at least once.

If you’re a natural or a native in that same language, that’s the least to expect. Take your time to edit immediately upon finishing your drafted piece. Often, most of your readers subscribe to your newsletter by substance and the content displayed might outweigh any grammatical errors. If you’re charging ten cents per word, behold of the academics. If you sell yourself as a Sherlock the least you can do is revise your piece and have it proofread as bare minimum.

A solution if your editorials need some practice, just hire someone that’s looking to ramp up their feedback profile from UpWork, preferably native in the language you’re writing by common sense, for a $5 fee or close to it and promise to give him or her an awesome testimonial upon reviewing all your content for grammar mistakes. That is what I’d do now if I were selling myself with the association of a Sherlock Holmes and need to have 5-6 edits in order to be excellent. Respect for the academics, often times it’ll only take little to no time. Get it done, no excuses here. Embody the craft until you become great again if you’re charging elite rates and constantly check your grammar. Common sense here, but yet many of us flunk here.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #9

  • Not Keeping It Simple! Why over-complicate things when you can – keep it simple, stupid! The “KISS” principle should come in effect with most of your mailed pieces. Email, blogging or any other publicity should be kept to the point and your message crossed with simplicity – especially, if you’re in a simple niche. Unless you’re in a finance niche or need to address complicated technical jargon that requires more vivid explanations with math, like for example, how to build deck stairs. If not, just keep it SIMPLE! Don’t over-complicate things by adding more then you need too. Keep it with the “KISS” momentum for most of your email marketing habits, it’ll surely serve you for the greater good.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #10

  • eMail Marketing to Multiple Targets – everyone that subscribe to your newsletter means he or she is interested in knowing more of what you’ve got. That’s true. Sending free information that adds value is also a great asset and privilege perk for any of your subscribers. However, not addressing your email marketing pitch when you’re about to offer or sell something is on the grey area of annoyances. The same goes when copywriting a letter, copywriters traditionally don’t write for everyone, just for one ideal type of customer of a certain interest. When you pitch, address your message to a specific target market while still being authentic in your email marketing delivery. It works. No trickery or tactical thinking required here, just knowing who your target market is will keep your email marketing targeted. Don’t target multiple interests, just one or two specific interests at most to remain highly specialized and specific. So yes, keep it specific, keep it focused to one type of ideal customer.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #11

  • Narcissistic Display – if you think you’re the human version of Iron Man and a solid marvel version of the modern Batman, back it up with claims immediately to the very least. Fast! Suggesting this might give the wrong impression, but I am just a marvel fan like many of you 🙂 You know it haha! Reality, it is incredibly annoying for most of us as subscribers when someone can’t keep humble. And it’s definitely out of this world when someone clearly isn’t what he preaches in his email marketing campaign, it just shows and resembles in your subscriber feedback often. Don’t do this. Traditionally, bonding is easier when you don’t tout your own horn. Let the clients do that for you. Not only it’ll look better, it’ll sell you when you send screenshots of that email reply received from a new fanatic client.

Annoying Email Marketing Habit #12

  • Becoming Jack Of All Trades – being a handyman is something admirable when you’ve enough time or make enough time to do the household shores. Your wife will surely adore you, right? However, being the “Jack Of All Trades” in consecutive sequence emails is troublesome – annoying! If your focus is on SEO consulting, keeping it geared towards anything related to search engine optimization would be supremely ideal. As another example recently seen, a guy sending an email sequence on how to save money on Jet Ski upgrades, a very tight niche, but receiving a broadcast on the middle of an email sequences on such subject, and later on, incredible, an email on how to save money on buying a new car while your business is about personal watercrafts? I mean, really? A total no go here! Keep your specialty, don’t succumb to being the jack of all trades. Instead, leave that to weekends over household needs if it’s therapeutically fun for you or if your wife actually shows it needs to be by seeing her face..lord have mercy!

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12 Annoying Email Marketing Habits That Could Bring Death to Your List!

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