3 AWESOME Ideas to Get Email Signups to Your Website

how to get email signups to your websiteBefore getting our feet wet with a creative and infamous ways on how to get email signups to your website – can you recall this next movie line?

It reads; “No ticky, no laundry”, from a famous Jack Nicholson movie – remember? The Departed, right! As you may agree, the saying is the short version of “No Ticket, No Laundry”.

A relevant and popular modus operandi in our Western world as it denotes that you don’t get anything, unless you have what you need. The saying context and message is very applicable on how we can get more email sign-ups from people interested in our offers.

Since I am constantly dismayed on the typical, below you’ll find an overlooked way to get emails to your website. You might like the idea so much that you may call it, “genius!”

  • Torrents Sites – scary, if not often suicidal! That is, depending how you protect your devices to say the least. However, this might be the perfect fit for you depending what type of industry, brand or niche you currently targeting.

ways to get more email leads to my websiteAs example, let say that you like porn. However, you are not a fan of it when it comes to internet productive browsing. You can certainly create (or have someone create), a short five page report on something that’s closely related to your niche. Immediately after, you promote a link pointing from your torrent submitted e-Report to your website. It is like, bingo! Why did I not think of this before, right? Of course, you’d either need to be a service provider like many of us or actually feel comfortable with porn J

If you aren’t quite there yet with the puzzle, no worries. Here is what I mean. Start by creating a short 3-4-hour report. Secondly, you search for the top 10 most active torrent sites. Third, you research the niche you are targeting by looking for downloadable e-Pubs, PDFs or eBooks to see what options it brings. Remember those “Demonoid” days? Exactly!

Eventually you will see something closely related to your niche. What happens in execution, then becomes simple. You finally create a short e-Report or have someone create it for you and then immediately distribute the e-Report to the top torrent distribution sites for a higher likelihood of visits to your email sign-up form.

What happens next is just short of being brilliant. Imaging the following:

Let’s say on the conservative side, you end up getting two report downloads a day. Downloads from a torrent friendly mouse trap such as distributing “naked yoga poses”. On average, that is about 60 downloads a month. That is 60 people that could be in your target market. People that might become a hot lead when you add a link pointing in your soon to be, e-torrent distributed file. Imagine if you use videos for free and your micro niche is “naked yoga”, do you see where I am going with this example?

Email sign-up options like this are just part of the nuggets you could learn from attending conference investments like “UnGagged”. The people that become part of the digital marketing event could give you not only a great internet marketing idea, but often show you proven insights to spark your own business creative juices.

What’s more? Well, why not more! Without telling you the miracles and rest assuring in the good substance of the saint that could sparkle creative email sign-up ideas on your end, here’s a second ideal option for acquiring subscribers. Works like gangbusters depending the niche you are currently in. If you’re an advance marketer you might have already known this, but the practice works like a charm whenever you put in the editorial time and the execution. Keeping the “KISS” magic letters of the “keep it simple, stupid” everlasting marketing recommendation, here’s another excellent experienced golden gem to put into immediate play.

creative ways to getting more email leadsBartering Agreements – also known as a “barter”. A bartering agreement can drastically help you acquire warm email leads to your website in many ways. Before the example, let’s remind ourselves of what bartering is; which is, the exchange of services or other goods without the need of using any money – according to Google thesaurus. Creativity is limitless here. One of the ideal ways to get email sign-ups through a bartering agreement is by following a sequence process quite a few of us have perfected. Perfected as, gotten great at it by definition.

Getting eMail Signups Through

Bartering Agreement Free Custom Formula

Step #1 = form yourself an agreement template before sending the barter deal. Basically, open up a Word Document blank page and write a proposal for acquiring free services from the company, business or person you’d like to exchange services.

Proposal example can be a simple one, just to get a response an ideal way to do the first email would look like this:


Hi Service Provider Name,

My name is Francis Lee, the reasoning behind this 2 minute email is to suggest a profitable bartering agreement between your business and my business. A bartering agreement, if I may. What I have in mind could save you $100’s immediately if not $1,000’s – let alone earn you possible four and five figures because of _______ and ______ as I carefully study your business and target market as an outsider.

I’d be pleased to exchange my free eBook with your subscribers for free since we are closely related in products and/or services but not directly competing against each other. In the case you feel I am a competitor, it’d even look more professional from our end to even combine expertise or to refer our own subscribers and paid clients to other experts in our fields who might specialize in certain fields in our industry, just like we both do.

Take a quick immediate 30 second scan of the professional substance found in the contents of my book and carefully read the chapters topics which I definitely know you will – at the very least – find of ideal value to your subscribers. A simple and effective free exchange of services through a barter. Highly effective and efficient at gaining credibility and earning more trust with our own subscribers long term. The benefits are substantial and judging by your expertise, it is definitely needless to mention the benefits.

I eagerly look forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for your time,



The opportunities are endless when it comes to bartering agreements and acquiring email sign-ups to your website. Key being getting creative if you aren’t able to spend $1,000’s in a Google Adwords campaign exploration or strategies that might be too complex to attempt right now. Keeping it simple here.

Most bartering agreements online can be made and started within minutes. Other ways you can barter your way into memberships, free software exchanges, services, free products and domestic or international seminars are through offering your free time in exchange. Knowing your own immediate skills and ways to provide solutions to the intended recipient would be key here.

how to get free business deals onlineQuite a few of us can say we’re quite experts in certain specialties here, thanks to overdoing it with consistency and good practice! As another bartering agreement and successful example that quite a few of us have accomplished, are through the acquiring of free permanent services and memberships. Here you can also benefit greatly when you take your time to assemble an offer both parties could benefit.That is how it mainly works, you thinking more of the other person that isn’t looking for you, you basically looking out for his best interest first at all times – just like it’d be with a customer.

In my particular case, obviously, internet marketing related memberships and keyword research software by offering my own free time through copywriting services and at times, even translation services. As example, imagine if you’re interested in acquiring email sign-ups from a financial services membership website that allows investors or most folks offer credit card offers through their own website.

A clear affiliate program membership for business and rising entrepreneurs. Instead of paying membership fees which might in the $100s as they usually where, why not offer the affiliate program owner (middleman) the opportunity to get their entire site translated into a second language free of charge in exchange of a permanent membership?

Instead of paying a free, you can translate many people’s website, eBook or content to gain free admission into what you want. Don’t know a second language, become even more creative by requesting a complete editorial of a second language through UpWork.com. It will be simple here as there are folks who urgently need a testimonial for $10-$20 upon successfully finishing the full translation or editorial piece.

Creativity would be key here. There are no limitations as long as you look for ways around it, be it acquiring email sign-ups to your website through this free exchange method or when finding creative ways to make bartering work for your own business progress. Think on the many ways you can use bartering as a free alternative to acquiring new customers. Asking yourself what do other closely related established businesses don’t have that you could freely offer in exchange of goods or services might be an easy ticket to acquiring what you want without paying a cent like most people do.

If you’re financially well off and established, negotiating might not be in you, but if you’re the type of business person that believes getting the best possible prices is for you – as its business – then prepare, submit, and counter until you get a bartering agreement met! It works.

great ways to getting email leads freeYouTube Yourself Daily! As it reads. Why limit yourself to paid advertisements and the decisions of others when you can immediately start advertising for free by using the power of youtube.com and your own camcorder? Requirements, yes, a camcorder – but who now a days who doesn’t own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a GoPro that they can immediately use? Get creative here! It doesn’t require much to gain targeted traffic as long as you can instill substance or value into a YouTube promotional channel.

The only requirements would be your time, a cheap camcorder that records at least 720p (high resolution) and the willingness to be comfortable being uncomfortable as some like to say! If you aren’t the video recording type of guy, starting with one simple 1 minute video and offering advice about your own niche topic ultimately leads enough eyes to your website and acquiring subscribers. That is, if you’ve promoted a link that points back to your website.

A strategic approach to getting email sign-ups to your website with YouTube will be through your own custom planning. Specifically, a daily routine for promotion. What type of routine? One daily video promotion of a recording of yourself explaining a topic with a link pointing to a landing page of your site.

Be it a sub-page or the money page, preferably a landing page so you can convert viewers into possible warm leads through a newsletter sign-up. The key would be establishing a daily routine with this awesome ways of pulling email sign-ups to your website. Split testing your video time and selected topics would also be ideal to know what type of topics convert more and are of interest to your current arriving traffic.

In conclusion! Torrent sites, bartering agreements and YouTube are ideal ways to getting new email subscribers to your website. All of these tactics can form an excellent strategy if you structure each of them with enough time. It will take time to address and perfect these 3 mentioned ideal ways to getting email sign-ups to your website. Consistency will play a key role in your lead acquisition.

Now, in the words of Jerry Maguire, click here! Louder, I can’t hear you! Show me…

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3 AWESOME Ideas to Get Email Signups to Your Website

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