3 Options Known As Best SEO Linking Analysis Tools

best SEO linking analysis toolsYou know that beating million dollar companies in Google, Yahoo and Bing isn’t difficult. That is, as long as you’ve the best SEO linking analysis tools and a reasonable budget to accomplish your SEO ranking goals.

Those of us with enough know how experience with the right tools and the correct budget often do it, consistently, according to niche. We are all interested in beating million dollar companies in search term such as “Mesothelioma”, “Malpractice surgery attorney” and countless of other worthy search terms with high CPC in Google, Yahoo and Bing to say the minimum. However, how worth it would it be if we truly aren’t interested in such delicate causes long term?

How worth it and valuable would it really be to rank at the top of Google for terms you know nothing about or that you have little to no care about? If you’re an SE agency you can obviously disregard these remarks. But like many of us, if you’re starting out in the digital marketing world and have been downsized from the corporate world, listening to advice such as “go for high CPC keywords and make it to the top of Google”, just wouldn’t cut it short term and likely neither long term for you these days. Among the reasons why, the moment Google slaps a Penguin or Lion algorithm you might quit for lack of enthusiasm. Being passionate about your niche if you’re starting one, would be a starting key here.

Anyone with an obsession about being #1, can rank keywords in Google and beat million dollar companies out of “refinance mortgage” and “best APR credit cards” keywords which generally have saturated amounts of competition. The intentions with this blog post is to show you ways, on how to do just that. Starting with the first tool you’ll need to either lease for a couple of weeks or freely use with the free limited options it currently offers.

best website linking analysis tool in 2017AHREFS one of the best (if not the best) tool for link research and organic website traffic for top 10 Google rankings.  Many of us love this tool because their own proprietary mechanism and way of business. They use their own internal bot and have their own index system as they confirm, from a database of trillions of sites connected on the web.

While this type of understood statement leaves questioning, since it started many years ago, the tool has become one of the most popular tools to ever hit the market for linking research on indexed sites and for overall web presence research. Multiple purposes all in one convenient package. The tool is meant to be used for serious established businesses and genuinely committed entrepreneurs who understand how important is understanding their top 10 Google competition. If you can’t afford the fee, perhaps CO-OP opportunities may rise on your end. You didn’t read it from me!

According to Ahrefs claims, they say they update their index in less than 1 hour, particularly, every 30 minutes or so to keep database fresh so to speak, leaving members with fresh information to drop proper competitive analysis and conclusions for organic search rankings. The company also has a ranking database of over 45 million different keywords from multiple international countries. Memberships with Ahrefs include Site Explorer, Reports, Search Engine Results Page analysis, multiple labs and tools, Twitter Research and numerous other important factors that help drop conclusion on required budget for beating XY top 10 niche competition at Google free organic search.

Pricing year by year has increased, but is typically affordable depending where you live. The minimum start would be at $99 USD per month. However, by purchasing an annual membership you’ll save 20% on the regular monthly bill. Again, this type of software is the best of the best and its used are for established entrepreneurs, SEO Agencies and serious committed online start-ups that can afford it without much worries for at least 2-3 months.

I’ll definitely show you a grey hat secret to affording AHREFS, which isn’t very cool as it might be annoying, but definitely worth the check depending your morality. Good to remind everyone here that the purpose of my bloggings is to inform and expose, not to put a moral compass on what’s available. With that being said, moving to the very next tool for ideal online website research, domain research and keyword research. Multiple purposes in just one tool. Ideal and fantastic it could be.

You can read other reviews from people that are also in the know-how and those that had vast experience with AHREFS. Go to G2Crowd located here.

linking analysis toolsMajesticSEOthis top 3 tool, usually a recognized second favorite tool for linking research and often the #1 favorite tool of many SEO professionals as it’s competitive with AHREFS and more affordable. This tool helps find potential clients, manage a portfolio of streamed sites for SEO Agencies and helps you by giving you proper reporting thanks to a database that its intelligence background is similar to its contender, AHREFs, on linking analysis that is. The key ingredient to this tool is that it helps you find the links that a current top competitor is using to rank at Google and maintain rankings.

For example, if a top 10 Google organic search result site isn’t blocking Majestic in the numerous special codes there are to avoid exposing their linking secrets, you’ll be able to clearly see almost everything, (if not everything) the competing site you’re researching is doing to achieve top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Now a days who needs Yahoo and Bing.com organic search field, since you’ll want to study Google as it has 80% plus market share. MajesticSEO shines by giving you the information you need to make this happen.

MajesticSEO also integrates its membership with the likes of “Site Explorer”, excellent “API” opportunity according to level of membership and “Search Explorer” just to name three of the best features this tool offers the market, serious established online businesses and profitable website owners alike. When it comes to pricing, MajesticSEO is more flexible in pricing term than AHREFS and is definitely more affordable, which is one of the reasons many SEOs like it more as many more can afford it on a consistent basis. Unlike AHREFS which can cost 50% more the typical monthly price according to membership level plan selected.

Last but not least in MajesticSEO, just read what others have to say by going to other in-depth review sites located at G2Crowd here.

As a final established tool that’s among the favorite for many SEO Agencies, online entrepreneurs and online business owners alike is MOZ!

majestic seo or moz for link analysisMOZthis would be the preferred tool out of all 3 mentioned here if you happen to be starting online. They provide a conservatively good and extensive free trial that you can use to your advantage and gain as much live support as possible for knowing exactly what’s wrong with your WordPress structured blog (think code errors and SEO mistakes that need fixing) and everything in between know-how and what to do’s. Sufficient information is covered with SEO ideals in place and it is a very affordable tool to try and be committed when ranking in Google organic search results is of agenda.

Pricing typically start at $99 per month and may gone down to $79 if you commit to a yearly payment. Of course, not everyone one of us have the budget to throw close to $1,000 for a yearly membership but surely an ideal membership to not only learn a lot on a part-time basis or full-time basis in a 30 day free trial, but surely a worthy one as it’s truly free for 30 or even 60 days depending who you get your trial and link you sign from and definitely a worthy one for 60 days even if you end up paying the $99 after end of trial.

You can see some of the unbiased feedback MOZ has by also relying on G2Crowd nicely done reviews from regular folks like you and I as well located here and reading about their capabilities, different uses and countless experiences others had experimented as well. It’ll surely be a worthy read, just grab a good coffee and continue your research.

In conclusion, the 3 tools described above are considered to be the best SEO linking analysis tools on the worldwide web. Enjoying the free trials each of the tools offer would get you a head start and a clearer idea on which tool would suit you best, according to your own business needs and goals. Take your time with each of the tool and at least gather yourself a day to fully play with each of the tools. The free use of each tool is limited either on a daily use basis or by trial, use the tools wisely as I like to remind myself for many of my own things. The tools work.

As a last secret ending secret, if you can’t afford any of the tools and need to find out how to save $100’s if not $1,000s from the combination of all tools at the same time, use the power of brilliant minds and worldwide hacking gods. Website like SecretSEOClub can save you, by experience, $1,000s of dollars depending how long you stay with a $27 or $37 a month membership. As mentioned earlier, the best was to be saved for last, and many of us have our own blog reviews to expose what’s out there, not to cater white hat opportunities. SecretSEOClub isn’t white hat or even grey hat to a certain extent if you’re in the USA, Europe or Great Britain. For some countries it’ll be legal thanks to internet laws, for others, it just might not be. Moral compass out and the options exposed!


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What other SEO linking analysis tools have you found useful guys? We all know there are a ton of them, but the above 3 I think are fantastic in my own experiences.

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3 Options Known As Best SEO Linking Analysis Tools

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