Angels or Demons? 4 Type of SEO Service Providers Online

type of SEO providers“Vanity, definitely my favorite sin!” Do you remember those lines from the movie?

Those thoughts are often applied among the best SEO service providers online, and I’ll definitely show you how to work with what’s not often controllable and what’s currently controllable in a way for better SEO results.

You will get enough ideas on how to see through each of these credible top ranks, experienced professionals, the result-oriented gurus and the very worse of them – the scammers – the pure devils. As a start, playing The Devil’s Advocate surely won’t get me or, any of us cool points in the comfortable department – especially if we don’t know each other much. However, it is my hope to surely help many inexperienced SEO buyers and anyone searching for the best SEO service providers online – either through forums or directly from a Google search – to make the best buying decision with SEO suppliers. Here you’ll learn about the 4 types of SEO suppliers currently available.

There are many masks and many of us have passed through many scams (like me and likely you) and we’ve had a share of success with great SEO suppliers. You know, those true SEO service providers that truly get results in reasonable time. What is reasonable time? Who are the Angels and Demons of the SEO service supplying niche? Those answers shortly by making you either dejavu into times, or simply painting you a better picture of what you’ll see online.

In general, what do I need to know before entertaining business and swiping a credit card with an SEO provider. That is, to either rank my site to the top of Google, or plainly improve my online business worth long term? The starting answers, as literally a book can be written here guys. I just have to call them Angels or Demons as they truly come in different shapes and forms!

To the best of my knowledge and experiences, here are 4 of the best SEO service providers online you should be cautious, or happy to  work with.

The SEO Charmer – in the real world this typically is known as a player who’s known as a smooth talker and someone that you, without surprise, can instantly and rapidly connect with great ease. You know, in a surreal way, the likes of Brad Pitt in the acting world or the stereotyped George Clooney’s of the acting world. Among the best SEO service providers online this professional, for his own personal agenda, can progressively get you to buy anything he sells you as he’s usually prepared. He or she, however, carries often a double edge sword that shouldn’t be overlooked.

He can be a scammer in disguise, but typically may very well be a genuine SEO supplier who has your best interest at heart for a given fee. Your job to confirm here with added details. This SEO supplier can also play for the love of the game, but as quite a few of us have seen before, this SEO servicer often paves the way if you pay a respectable fee for his or her time as he’s often close to the next guy we’ll expose shortly, to an SEO Guru. You can associate this type of service provider as a cool, genuine, and often a real professional with a smooth personality. Often you’ll see his anti-corporate touch in many of his communications, that may be normal with these folks.

The SEO Guru – you’ve surely seen him! The expert, the authority driven commander, that type of folks that in the real world maintain a typical aloof demeanor at the beginning, and when it times to drop the hammer he or she delivers. Online, the true SEO Gurus often inform and assist without being pushy or sounding too salesy. The SEO Guru will come in multiple ways. Either as a true professional that informs and cares, or as a dictator that tells you exactly what you’ll need to do through a serious of guidance and step-by-step “do this, do that” actions. You will often find this type of SEO Guru known as The Sherlock’s or The Air Jordan’s of SEOs with a fan club that extends years of acquired social positive proof with testimonials numerous clients.

Treat this SEO Guru professional well, and he’ll often take care of you with either great experienced advice or gentle ways of rejecting your business because he doesn’t need you and often explains it in his advertisements or promotions. This will usually be the specialist in a given SEO expertise that charges 30-50% higher fees than anyone else. You will definitely know when you see him. These type of SEO provider stands out when enough time and history has passed. Now, here’s yet another SEO you should be aware and paying way more attention too.

The SEO Salesman – usually this type of expert is the one who would will convince you to visit Las Vegas just for the allure of jackpot heavens, flashy lifestyle hotels, and the allure of semi-naked conveniences. Whether you’re a male or a female, you need to know when to say no or how to spot this type of supplier. Two potential outcomes, either a great SEO or a bad apple. Bad apple because usually his priorities are only about making a sales and meeting quotas. Have you seen the acts of most cellphone sales personnel They all want to sell you a cellphone no matter what, by just asking good questions. Most called that good business. Goodness, but the pressure of meeting quotas. Understandable for some. Usually this is the junior level in a team that has skills but isn’t yet an SEO Charmer, or an SEO Guru.

Your job will be to spot it and conclude on it. You will find this SEO Company through solo providers at Google search by portraying themselves successful as agencies or true professionals. You will see the notable distinction upon communication exchange with this particular supplier. You might get the “me, me” type of sales mentality, listen and read carefully so you read through it. The best SEO service providers will often have this mix of the charming SEO and the Guru level personality. Unlike Hitler, Trump or other eccentric authority figures, you’ll often find that true professional SEOs have a natural gift at selling in a smooth and convincing way. That is, a softer and professional way of dictating what you should do as an SEO buyer, but in a 2017 modern and professional way.

In the other hand, the SEO salesman who’s a conman you’ll often happen to see him push you with offers that you either don’t need, or he’ll send you extensive follow-up calls without explaining you the comprehensive details (or enough ways to that matter) , on why his or her SEO services would be an ideal fit for you as a customer.

The SEO Snake Oil – remember the movie “Boiler Room” from the 90s where Vin Diesel jump started his acting career? This movie gives an excellent purview and portrayal of what snake oil looks like. If you’re in your 30s or 40s you’ll definitely remember Vin Diesel and Ben Affleck in “Boiler Room” movie. A great movie according to many, but one that leaves a bad taste in old school traditional 80s and 90s sales techniques.

Pushy, without care to your needs is typically this SEO snake oil motto. This one definitely won’t ever be among the best SEO service providers online, ever, unless a lightning bolt strikes his brain. Usually this type of salesman over-promises in value and under-delivers in his campaigns.

Reminds many of us (perhaps) of the friend who hangs out with us with a purpose – the purpose of not being your friend as a main one, just a hanging pal so to speak, and look cool among other friends – and later asks you to lay him a hand as his on a bind and needs a favor, usually your time or money. Entitled pricks, snake oils who target the naïve and ignorant to say the least. We all meet them sooner or later. Quite a few of us were ignorant and a little naïve in the past, full me once its ok, as the cliché goes, but fool me twice? Now that’s on us right? You’ve been warned, it isn’t any different online.

Here’s how you work and control the controllable! The SEO Charmer, SEO Snake,

The SEO Salesman and The SEO Guru!

(they are social butterflies, but I’m confident you’ll get the insights here for greater control!)

  • Ask for results in testimonials! Yes indeed, before you pay up, it’s absolutely wise to check credentials and the best way of doing this is by seeing trends, history and social proof. No resume can outshine this level of proof. Going back to Titanic light years in cliché; “The Proof is in the Pudding!” One of the best ways of making sure you’ll get your time’s worth is by researching your SEO supplier credentials. That is, by searching any type of proof that confirms you’ll get what you’ll pay for. His or her social proof, in the likes of; testimonials, consistent social activities and business history will help you make the best decision. If you found your supplier in, while searching for ways on how to rank your site, or get more traffic – this is the way you cautiously start your quick research. With years in online business experience this can be easy to spot, but when you’re getting started it can be blurry and challenging. Quite a few of us lost $1,000’s, so it’s so within merit to blog on this one.
  • Pay with a Visa, MasterCard or AMEX credit card – for 99% assurance, more like 100% in most cases, always order with a credit card at checkout. So convenient and peaceful. These days you’ve options to pay with BitCoins, use Escrow Services and many creative options. Use Visa, MasterCard or better yet an AMEX card to get from 30-45 days of chargeback protection or even up to 6 months protection when using an American Express card (depending your bank policies when it comes to AMEX) and you’ll get exceedingly high chances of getting your money back in the case of no delivery. BitCoin and escrow services are not secure if you haven’t get what you paid for.
  • Get previous work history as sample – this can be a mix of feedback by experience. Feedback can be perfect such as a Floyd Mayweather boxing record or, it can be a Muhammad Ali type of bounce back record with a couple of bad losses with true comebacks that still resemble the supplier is still the greatest option among those in the marketplace. Verifying through proof of results would be the simplest form.

As example, if the so-called best service providers online guarantee top 10 Google rankings results there is a simple thing you can do to validate things. And surely, SEO providers know what niches to offer guarantee rankings according to client budget since SEO rules are unpredictable and always changing. So with that said, ask for previous work history of work ranked at the top of Google, if ranking your site at the top of organic free searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo is what you’re after. If you happen to see this proof, contact the owner of the website and try getting feedback from him or her to validate details. And surely, to validate the intending SEO supplier claims for XY ranking claims mentioned to you. Common sense here.

Just like hiring an employee for your own company. However, this time to protect your own pockets as an SEO buyer since it’s typically a recurrent investment that’s often well over $500 to $1,000 in USD currency. It can be either wasted money or well invested business from your end depending who you hired. Don’t be naïve, you’ve been informed. Many of us misplaced and lost $1,000’s at the very beginning with incorrect so-called best SEO service providers online, do the right thing and do your diligence before paying!

What are other experiences or thoughts you’ve had as an SEO buyer with some of these SEO service providers online mentioned? I know they’re out there, don’t mentioned there names if you don’t feel comfy about it, no worries here.

I’m sure the above are the tip of the iceberg in our giant marketplace of SEOs! Anyone else 🙂

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Angels or Demons? 4 Type of SEO Service Providers Online

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