Who am I and why should you read and listen to the advice of this blog?

This SEOPackageReviews.com website has been published with 3 main purposes. To post years of experience of SEO advice and hopefully diminish many of my clients and folks learning SEO to waste less time and become more productive with the correct advice. Second, to make sure you don’t join scam SEO offers that either don’t work or blatantly steal your money with low quality ranking or service results. And to recommend tools and resources that I am either currently using, or highly recommend you implement in your business because I know any of the tools work by experience.

Currently a moderator for the BlackHatWorld forum and with enough reviews on my belt, I can now vouch for certain products and services that I have reviewed. You will also read from SEO products and services that I know would work because I’ve either tested some of the products and services being offered, or have enough experience to voice my expertise on the given subject. Thus, the main reasoning behind this entire blog. Internet marketing related products that would be ideal to rent or own would also be reviewed and displayed here in the blog.

Comment, ask questions and feel free to make suggestions as for topics you’d like to read or get reviewed. This site was built for those that want honest and “take-no-prisoners to” reality type in SEO reviews and in years of hard work posted as advice for weeks to come.  I’ve posted over 15+ blog post that range from 500 to 2,000 words, which typically, you’ll read blog post reviews and advice ranging at around 1,500 words or so for a nice 7-10 minute coffee read from our end in the future.

For my BlackHatWorld friends, business friends, old time customers and online partners. Surely, another super useful blog based on years of sweat and experience…cheers 🙂

Enjoy guys!

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