3 Extremely Useful Reminders Before Hiring SEO Writers for Your Next Project

Hiring SEO Writers for Your Next Project“The devil is in the details”, confirms the old ancient adage. The same is true when excellence is required for all your projects. More importantly, the adage applies even more when hiring direct response writers to convert more in any of your latest projects is of focus!

These immediate suggestions might skyrocket your business when hard times come. It is not a matter of if, but when challenging times come. These tips on hiring writers for your next project should help quite well! Steve Jobs knew it, Bill Gates knew it as well. We all have those times sooner or later.

Before Hiring Your Next Writing Superstar

Clone! Remember To…

  1. You Are In The Service Business – quoting Harry Beckwith from one of the best sales book many of us have ever read, you’re Selling The Invisible, “If you are in the service business, you’re in the business of relationships.” One of the many pearls of wisdom found in this book. Building relationships being – selling a mutually beneficial relationship – between you and your client.

Not only does this work when forming your dream team, but if you’ve plenty market experience, your writing partner often becomes very trustworthy of you. During hard times, my experience is, try paying less money to work for you on a part-time or full time basis. With enough time working together, you will not only get ideal diamonds, you’ll get loyalty! Loyalty gave gorgeous Apprentice TV Star Omarosa Manigault, stunning success. She went from a failed attempt to become #1 in a TV show, to now being liaison of The White House! If you embody the same commitment with your clients, by experience, you’ll succeed as long as we keep reminding ourselves that we’re in the service business of people – people’ biz!

As you also might conclude, offering true healthy relationships works long term. Just don’t forget to always build it with your writing superstar team, not only with your clients.

  1. Develop Your Writing Skills with Continued Education! If you’re in the writing business you know that grammar, proper capitalization, spelling, punctuations and copy substance are skills that need to be continually honed. They go hand in hand. These skills as, you might also agree, are perishable. Give your team continued education without being asked for it, so they remind themselves about the basic necessary evils! It will pay off nicely if you keep your focus and set standards from the beginning.
  1. Hire Someone That Values Your Business Success Almost Equally as Their Own Family! Nothing beats commitment, determination, discipline, and a great attitude as you could agree. Make sure your writer has most, if not, all these traits within them. Hiring good people is fine, but hiring the very best is what you should aim and target even on a low budget. There are many creative ways to do it. The result being: higher productivity, bigger rewards, bigger revenues, and bigger job satisfaction whether you love the job or not. My experience, if you’re very good at what you do, you might not be incredibly happy, but you’ll be completely fulfilled. I chose fulfillment over happiness anytime when it comes to work! Wouldn’t you?

Overall thoughts here on hiring writers online? Share your experiences.

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3 Extremely Useful Reminders Before Hiring SEO Writers for Your Next Project

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