Best Affiliate Programs To Join As an SEO Right Now

best affiliate programs to joinIf you’ve been looking for the best and worthiest of affiliate programs to promote, you’re in good hands. If you’re into value and promoting on-target internet marketing related value – here are 3 excellent alternatives in 2017!

UnGagged Las Vegas and UnGagged London – slowly, but surely becoming legendary for SEO conferences. Plus, they are in two exceptionally exciting places. Not only will your subscribers learn countless amount of SEO strategies, your subscribers will learn to solve SEO puzzles in a live gathering. Solutions to troubling Google updates, to #1 Google organic rankings know-how. Certainly, the type the types of Matt Cutts dislikes to the heavens for obvious reasons.

The in-crowd of Bing, Yahoo, SemRush, and other tech giants are usually present. Among the numerous reasons to promote any of the UnGagged SEO events. For once, you will have the substance shared in unrecorded style, which is practical in the SEO industry.

If you have a list of at least 1,000 plus subscribed members tied to an autoresponder automation system like Aweber, you might even get to attend the seminar for free! By converting just 1% in a conservative list of 1,000 loyal subscribed SEO members, you’ll have a chance of attending the event for free. Compensation as of today is still $100 a sale with ShareASale network.  This execution alone could net you a few $100’s extra to spare at Las Vegas slot machines! Timing is so important here, so you’ve got to join early to get the best out of the market share – that’s counting you also have a tight community and loyal subscribers.

Most importantly, if you have a list of clients that trust your judgement and SEO expertise, there’s a great chance you’ll meet some of them in one of these events. So why not grab a beer or two with some of your own fans? I’m telling you, taking a break from the laptops for four days while in Vegas or London is priceless if you ask me. It breaks traditional routines, the thought alone brings added mind sparks to me.

Another popular and worthy affiliate program to build higher credibility and even greater trust would be ClickBank.

ClickBank – the first one to explode on the affiliate marketplace to long term success. The founder started the business in his garage back in 1998 and they’re now a global destination for super affiliates.  They are an excellent affiliate marketplace option whether you’re starting to promote other people’s products and services or you’ve your own list of followers ready to read from you recommendations.

In case you’re out of ideas on how to work ClickBank to your advantage or what product to promote, here’s how you do it as an affiliate. You start with the basics, the fundamentals.

  • Brainstorm a Niche Market Product: promoting a product you’ve enough knowledge and ideas about would be a first. Everything is simpler when you understand or at least know a lot about a particular topic. So picking a niche where you’ve related job experience, a hobby experience or to the very least a passionate interest in would be as first.

Ask yourself these following questions, they’ll be very helpful:

  • Are you a dog lover?
  • Do you’ve a particular weight loss issue and understand how to attack it?
  • Perhaps you had a problem with a particular health problem?
  • Were you the Zeus, the guy that got laid countless times at college and can share the experiences with other arriving college male students?
  • Are you a military veteran and can help others decide what branch to join?
  • Did you ace a 2nd and 3rd language at school?

Goodness, just so many awesome niche, sub-niche and micro-niche options! Think of promoting a ClickBank information product or a service as something you’ll also be in business later if you haven’t built an affiliate following in a particular niche yet. It gets better now, but before that!

If you’re an SEO with over 1,000 folks in your Aweber or GetResponse list, just keep yourself glued to this page for reminders and if you’re aren’t that person, don’t skip any sentence.

For ClickBank additional brainstorming and niche business ideas, keep asking yourself:

  • What type of advice do my friends typically ask me for?
  • What do people think and believe I am good at that’s useful and helpful
  • If you still don’t have ideas, very simple, just ask your closest friends in what you’re good at, and that often gets you ideas for starting

Understand Your Ideal Customer: let say that you’re a male like me and sympathize with the idea of helping other male folks get dates, get their love of their life or simply get laid just like any other typical male college hormone from 18-24 years of age has as college objective. You now need to understand 3 basic facets. The new facet to understand once you’ve picked up an affiliate program to promote to your subscribers or to build an affiliate program niche empire business is the following:

  • Who in your niche, sub-niche or micro-niche is currently paying for information products or services? The dating niche is a fantastic one and many of us love it as pretty much any extrovert and even introvert can share their positive experiences.
  • What type of information products or services are they currently buying? By “what” it means, are these customers paying for eBook products, memberships with a bundled package, consulting services? Specifics here will get you closer to ace this affiliate business opportunity with your current subscriber list or as your new business opportunity. As an experience suggestions that’ll service of rapid feedback, go to niche specific forums to get quicker answers to this sub-facet. In this case, “dating forums” or any “Dating guru forums” and I am sure you’ll come up with ideas as quite a few of us are in this particular market.
  • Choose a best seller at ClickBank! You read that correct 🙂 By now you should have enough ideas on what information product you’ll focus your time and what would be an ideal product to either promote to your own affiliates or to start as a business product on your own. The ideal scenario would have been you selecting a product that is already in the ClickBank marketplace so that you’ve an easy and simple to assemble marketing funnel to gear your marketing. In other words, the less competition there is in ClickBank, usually the more difficult it is to find a market and to form yourself as authority. The more competition there is, the broader the niche market is, and the more opportunities you’ll have to form an authority positioning on your end either as affiliate or as starting business promotion.
  • Make sure you pick a high commission product and have a pitch geared towards 1 ideal customer (not a sales letter geared to 10 folks!) – reality should always be on your end, you’re not going to pay all your bills or get rich with a $5 commission unless you have god-like unheard of traffic skills, just unlikely, right? So what should you do? You select a product that pays you $20 or more as minimum, and you make sure you’re in a niche that’s consistently willing to pay this for information products. Very simple.

With over $3 billion dollars in online retail sales since its inception, ClickBank is surely one of the best marketplaces to promote an affiliate product or service. And at the same time, it is an affiliate marketplace that you can grow yourself as an authority by even having your own product or service to promote.

Last and not least, an American and international favorite—

Amazon Associatesjust like ClickBank for most of our readership, Amazon affiliate program is a no-brainer! Needless of explanations. The reason why the CEO is in the top 5 of Forbes billionaires. Do your homework here. Before we go, some suggestions you should highly consider applying as an affiliate if additional passive income streams is in your goals.

Why you should also monetize with Amazon for long term retirement!

  • Monetize with Amazon – the company is predicted to stay for many decades to come! Jeff Bezos is the 2nd wealthiest guy in the planet as of this month, March, 2018 – clearly surpassing Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and many other icons. The reason is simple, they’ve the #1 e-commerce retail shop in the entire world, not just the internet. Jack Ma from Alibaba is lightyears behind Mr. Bezos. As an Amazon Associates affiliates this means that Amazon would very likely be a reliable source of residual income (and even passive income) once you’ve acquired the correct niche. Just like ClickBank, just like The Google Adsense program and just like many other clearly great programs that’ll earn boatloads amount of money. Amazon is clearly one of the best affiliate programs to join in 2017 and should continue to be as long as they keep their “Amazon Associates” program active. They have kept their doors open for continue propagation of their products and they should keep open regardless of the amount of direct traffic they receive, affiliate marketing makes up billions of dollars in revenue to their bottom line. Just like The Google Adsense Program continues to be for Google affiliates and partners. Rules will keep getting tight, but that’s part of the game when you’ve grown to exponential levels.

With all this advice given, let’s keep going with more! Get to work 😉

Let’s keep the grind!

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Best Affiliate Programs To Join As an SEO Right Now

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