Hiring Your Next In House SEO – The SEO.io Way!

hiring your next in house SEOSo you’re into hiring your next in house SEO! Before that, do you remember many of the quotes and lines from Steve Jobs? Our current blog topic makes us start to resonate with one of Steve Jobs excellent quotes that resembles elite business practices. The quote, likely inadvertently, is a true gem because of what implies to many of us in business! Jobs once said:

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do, we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

In our company, we take this recruitment policy to heart. When we hire the best employed talent for our clients, that is one of the continued reasons on why we continued to succeed in such a tight niche. Seo.io hires highly experienced talents and brilliant specialized people to work on client portfolios. Here we’d like to share with you some of the crucial steps we undertake, those that are often behind the scenes.

Here are 2 basic and overlooked recommendations we’re confident you’d like to embody, before hiring your next In-House SEO:

  1. Check your candidate business references and experiences!

Resumes are dime a dozen. Anyone can be an astronaut, or a Steve Jobs in any resume, which is often a good start. One thing is almost for sure, by calling the companies your candidate shared in his resume – you could confirm substantial facts. If there isn’t a list of numbers to call, request previous employer phone numbers. No ifs, and, or buts!  It is your growing business, treat it as such! These actions often give you immediate answers for proper validation and best selection for employment.

When you’re paying respectable fees each and every month, every single dollar counts. Making sure everything that’s in print is valid, becomes ideal. If no phone is provided due to the nature of the business and the discretion of some employers, seeing proof of claims helps when drawing smart conclusions. Thinking as a project manager and as an investor at the same time will give you a greater edge in the recruiting process.

Asking yourself certain questions like; what would you do if you were the owner of the company? What will the number recruiter in my company would do in this case? Is more proof required? More work? More information? These, will drastically help your client and your career. In fact, you are sort of like an auditor at the same time. There is a job to do! Being objective at all times drastically helps. Ask for a portfolio of previously done projects. It will help in the case resistance comes your way. Decades of combined specialized SEO experience makes SEO.io notice the signs and potential red flags in a jiffy. That is one of many reasons why some Fortune 500 employers have already started to work with us.

Most importantly, just ask yourself! How much do you value your business? How bad do you want to be number one? It is often engraved in our culture and a lot of us love it. That is, to become number 1 at what we do! How about you? Taking it very seriously as it was your own company – not only makes you look good – but, most importantly, makes your superior(s) over you look great!

what to look for when hiring an seo companyTest your SEO candidate!

That is, take to heart your own practice in your day-to-day operations. Transparency, expertise, one-on-one client relationships and how prolific can he or she deal with attention to details? At SEO.io we’ve found that testing these four qualities helps recruit the best candidates for our clients. Test, test, test! You can make that happen on your own or simply delegate the hard, dreadful part when it comes to SEO. Hiring your own SEO candidate would often be a full time task the very first few days. No matter what type of promises he or she makes you, no matter what type of great reputation your SEO candidate has, you’ve to test your candidate through-fully.

Here are three simple ways to make sure your SEO candidate performs in every single one of your projects. In advance, these aren’t a surefire 100% bullet-proof ways to certainty, but will surely drastically diminish any potential error and increase your SEO partner or employee awareness to actually deliver accordingly, every single time.

  • Make sure your candidate understands your SEO routine and standard practices – there is nothing more convenient when it comes to newly acquired business partners and employed personnel than consistent “training!” None of your train personnel at first would know how to work everything with excellence in the usual 90 days of work start-up. Unless his job is at sales, don’t expect anything excellent and close to perfect the very first 90 days. That is, unless you’re overpaying with above average wages online which often aren’t guarantees of excellence at the beginning no matter the enthusiasm. And I am sure you’ll agree that overpaying for results over the internet where outsourcing is king, becomes only an option. So be aware of the type of training you’re giving on a consistent basis.
  • Give up to 3 SEO jobs before you delegate your new talent, critical work – surely, while many of us become mastering managers and project managers alike online. It surely doesn’t mean we couldn’t perform and do 50% of the work on critical jobs. I’ve taken written and full editorial jobs according to client in quite a few niches as many of us enjoy the work we do and feel fully immerse and prepared in the tasks at hand. However, why not let your new hired SEO be of your companion and partner for your given search engine optimization task? Integrating your SEO partner would be ideal to confirm it’ll be worthy of long term work. The sooner you can validate through early SEO task, the better!
  • Provide immediate feedback upon first 30 days of SEO tasks – your in house SEO won’t ever know what great work is and what is not acceptable work. Unless you show your in house SEO what great work looks like, and consistently, he or she would often error on your projects. You as manager, project manager of your team,  or own company become responsible for the success of your new hire candidate. Be it in house or any related outsource work online. The principle is applicable in just about every management supervisory job. It is your duty to train your new in house hired secret SEO weapon. Treat it correctly from the beginning and such candidate will perform adequately to the very least.

One of the issues many of us have often (even when we become great at our craft) is that client hire us,and then have the notion that we fully understand what a particular client needs and wants. We may have enough ideas and enough talent to use our intuition and to research accordingly. However, the client is usually the one that tells us that for better results. In the case of in house SEO hiring, you as a manager (and possible project manager) become the one responsible for making sure your new hired talent is acquainted perfectly with your weekly routines.

Just keep reality straight here, it’ll truly helps long term as it has for quite a few of us with our online duties. Moderately convinced? Getting there? Keep the good vibes on! Hoping you guys are enjoying every single piece we put out. Do tell, what are techniques that have work well for you with your in house SEO or newly hired outsourced SEO?

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Hiring Your Next In House SEO – The SEO.io Way!

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