How to Come Up With Enough Content Ideas

how to come up with content ideasWhen it comes to knowing how to come up with content ideas, there is always an easy way and there is almost always the hard way for doing things.

Here are three excellent ways any of us can really mimic Bradley Cooper, in his great movie; Limitless. That is, without the drugs or the countless coffee mugs. Just a little surge of motivation and you’ll be well on the way. I’m dead serious here!

Here are Strategic Options for Limitless Ways On How To Come Up With Content Ideas

You can find enough content ideas to write a 50 or 75 page Amazon book fast. That is, by selecting a niche! Better yet, a sub-niche or micro niche market that you have more experience than the average Joe. The 80s and 90s are long gone! Writing books and blogging is for everyone that wants it! No need for a PHD or MBA. If you have enough experience in a topic, and you know more than most people on that topic, you should be fine creating your own following.

Now, let’s say that you’re a health fan and know enough diet recipes to lose 20 pounds. That would put you immediately into a sub-niche market. Specializing in a market makes even more sense. Specialization within a sub-niche market or a tight micro niche is often more profitable long term. It is just simpler and often even easier, as traditionally you don’t compete head-to-head with million-dollar or brainy SEOs! Imagine that, right?

Going into a micro niche instead, allows you to become an authority in reasonable time without having to wait years for opportunity, timing and positive forced luck. As an example, here is one micro niche you may like. Creating an eBook on; “How to Drop 20 Pounds Before Your Wedding Day.” A great example here. A super tight micro niche that I know there’s either a market or that I can create a market for it, it’s just obvious some would love to have this if presented!

The above is surely a nice micro niche that can become a slam dunk at a auction. That is, if you’ve developed great substance in a blog for reasonable amount of months. Most importantly, if you’ve established organic rankings in

how to come up with content ideasAnother way to build a 50 page book is to build a list of topics. Instead of thinking how many pages you’ll likely need. Think of baby steps, the Kaizen way. Toyota kaizen style if you’re a bit old school like me. Like for example, writing three pages of content for seventeen straight days and boom! You end up with at least fifty pages of your own book finished under 3 weeks. Trust me, by experience, it can really get overwhelming. Controlling your thoughts with this set of starting rules would help enormously bring the snowball effect on!

Is it still way too difficult to see yourself writing a book? There is always another solution with more workable techniques. If a lack of content ideas become present at the time of writing, you invert the first topic idea to the opposite. That way you create a quicker way of drafting and doing yet another 500 word piece. So simple, I’ll show you a clear example next. It’s all be about practice! Practice, we’re talking about practice once said a guy name Allen Iversion, remember? Oh those ESPN repeats. Yes we are talking about practice here 🙂

E.g; “How to Come Up With Enough Content Ideas!”

The above example could also become:

E.g; “How to Come Up With Terrible Content Ideas”

If you’re still stagnant and can’t move forward, another ideal way would be through deeper targeting or adding numbers to your subject titles.

Here are some added limitless type of examples. You guys by now know I love that movie!

6 content titles from only 1 single topic could be…

  • “7 Ways to Come Up With Enough Content Ideas”
  • “7 Ways NOT to Come Up With Enough Content Ideas”
  • “How To Come Up With Enough Content Ideas”
  • “How To Come Up With Enough Content Ideas for Your eBook”
  • “5 Ways To Come Up With Enough Content Ideas for Your Video”
  • 5 Ways NOT To Come Up With Enough Ideas for Your Video, eBook and e-Report”

ways to get content ideas for a bookTwenty plus years ago I thought writing was for people with high IQ’s, for the movers and shakers of the brain world. It doesn’t take a genius or a degree in journalism to become a great writer. I’ve been paid up to $30 for a 500 word piece, multiple times, just for substance. And that is just one example of what you might be able to accomplish. Keeping your writings based on your own know how and good amount of on-going practice will spark enough feedback telling you’re good for this niche or blogging start-up.

With enough ideas and techniques to solving the puzzle, acquiring content ideas becomes simpler. I’ve learned that’s all about substance first and everything else becomes secondary. If you are starting your very own eBook business for Amazon publishing, or for other business disciplines – keep at it! It is all about perfect practice and taking action with what you’ve got in hand.

Wait, of course, there’s definitely a little more here. You had your coffee, right? Here are three additional ideas that will get you a ton of content ideas. Many of us do it all the time as it just works!

  • Visit Niche Forums: if you are in the “baby care” blogging business or have a product or service directed to this market – take a visit to “baby care” niche forums. There are quite a few forums for this subject and for any imaginable subject all concentrated into niche forums, sub-niche forums and micro-niche forums. You can grab enough content ideas, mostly for entire month, just by scanning the topics of a forum that your blog or current project is related too. For example, if you’re writing a book about; “How to Convert Your BMW into a Twin Turbo Racer” – you should visit the top BMW forums online to grab even more ideas on what to add in your book by looking at the subject titles of each forum post from the BMW forum you visited. If you’ve made some good money online and want to share your experience with 1,000s of folks worldwide, you visit internet marketing forums and you won’t ever run out of topic by just seeing what type of questions are being asked as main discussions. Time consuming, yes, but worth it? You got it!
  • Visit eBay! A billion dollar tangible product leading auction site. It definitely has a lot to show us, and the research is done for the top selling products by categories and sub-categories. eBay will list the best-selling, top products each time you click on a category or sub-category of a product. This is a fantastic way to research a product. By performing these steps you’ll find numerous ideas on what other topics you might be able to expand on your own content producing ideas. You’ll be able to see what other products are of a trend that you actually might be able to add to your own product or services, therefore, be able to consider adding as a new blog post or writing piece for whatever the objective requires on your end.
  • Research – there is a reason the company’s founder is in the Forbes list of world’s top 10 billionaires in 2016 and in 2017. The company has millions of products with online traffic and a share of elite filtered services to buy into. Amazon platform is definitely one of the best places to do your own research. That is, for getting even more content ideas, in the case eBay and scanning main forums weren’t enough. By categories, Amazon obviously has a talented and experience team testing what are the products and services that should be seen first by showing such products first. By which, it’ll be smart for you to search by categories and sub-categories just like eBay, and hence give you added leg room for conclusive ideas on content ideas. Hence, if you’ve questions or have doubts on something specifically – just like eBay and niche forums – you can also go to Amazon discussion forums and get solutions to your most hard-pressing edifying points. That will save you enough time or potential grief in the case you’re sweating in time for ideas as quite a few of us would say by experience. A complete gem of a platform for content ideas and continued research for added value to your site, be it a blog or a service that you’re offering.

As one of the last content ideas brainstorming blog post, understand that everything you write should be written once or twice at most. No matter how scarce the content may be, having an idea and covering it entirely with substance should be enough to get you a nice following or subscribed leads. Rehashing or re-publishing the same content just for the sake of publishing added content will often bring the value of your brand down and even annoy the professionals that you’re intending to serve on a consistent basis.

Make your content publishing correct and excellent from the first time to avoid republishing again. With a good content idea topic and enough substance, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the editorial standards and the rest should be in getting the crafted piece seen by many eyes. It surely works.

What are other ways you’ve known on definitely knowing immediately on how to come up with content ideas? Sure hope the above helped!

For now and till next time – keep grinding!

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How to Come Up With Enough Content Ideas

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