SEO vs Paid Advertising – Which One Should You Rely On?

SEO vs paid advertisingToday’s topic is surely controversial and debatable at best according to experienced full time marketer. Choosing between SEO vs paid advertising is surely a simple one if you’re in the experience end. Before setting foot with examples and helping you reach your own conclusions, a few edifying points before proceeding.

If you had to choose between your ear and your nose, which one would it be? Difficult right? The same goes when it comes to forcing a selection between SEO vs paid advertising. Both are crucial to exponential online business growth.

Furthermore, both executions allow you to either earn more money or strategically grow your customer base, to say the least. However, there are reasons for choosing SEO over paid advertising first, and there are clear reasons when you should choose paid advertising at all times.

Below are a set of those experienced reasons, over 10 years on the making with full time experience should help you drop your own conclusions and assist you make a final decision. Let this be the start of your research for this important traffic topic or the culmination of your decision making when it comes to either SEO (search engine optimization, in this case, to rank in free organic search results) or with paid advertising.

Paid Advertising: you should be aware of Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising paid options. These two options are one of the most preached, popular and in-demand paid advertising on the internet for a reason. Reason why being, they’re effective at their core. Advertising in Google Adwords and Facebook as a small business owner works.

Instead of gearing this article with a preference in one of the two, I’ll confirm you what I believe would be the fundamental, basics, to Facebook Advertising know-how. In layman terms, what I believe you need to understand in order to form a consistent traffic funnel and a profitable campaign. What you need to fully understand and be aware off. That, along with a reminder of reasons why you should start effective immediately.

Starting with –

SEO vs Paid advertisingFacebook Advertising – as a starting fact, you could start a Facebook Advertising campaign with as little as $5 a day, consistently, and skyrocket your way to good consistent results. Be it acquiring new leads, getting immediate commissions from affiliate products or from your own direct linking to your own product or services. Fact is, advertising at Facebook is cheaper than advertising at Google Adwords, regardless of the market you’re in. It is how Mark Zuckerberg wants it, as it seems, for now. They’re still at pure momentum, comparable to when Google Adwords was in the year 2005, if you can relate. Facebook is a company that is now toe to toe with Google when it comes to knowing people and knowing what we want. Most of our information is already in the platform, and Facebook has nicely adjusted all patterns to suit advertising to companies, entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

What you need to know with Facebook Advertising, of course, it’d be the smart way of the approach if you pursue answers on the following. Some of the immediate fundamentals that you should learn before spending a dollar at Facebook advertising (no matter how big of a budget you have or how impatient you may very well be, are the following:

  • How Facebook Ads work, at least the very basics
  • Proper ways to setting up an effective Facebook Ad Pixel, to say the least
  • How to track every single promotion you do (so essential or you’ll just assume!)
  • Knowing about Facebook type of audiences and how and when to use each of them
  • Knowing basics on how to collect from all audiences to your very own website
  • Setting up your blog or business for proper Facebook Advertising traffic funneling
  • Proper ways to push Facebook folks into your traffic funnel by re-targeting
  • How to target the correct folks (this one should be common sense here!)
  • How to properly scale your Facebook campaign(s)
  • How to work with lead ads, local ads, and the likes of it for starters

Now a resounding fact when it comes to SEO vs paid advertising. Paid advertising, just like Facebook Advertising, is reliable and traceable advertising you can depend on as a business. You probably know that by now, but re-assuring this is so crucial to some of you. Why? Many of us have been working with SEO organic free traffic and with paid advertisements online since the day you probably were born (or close to) if you’re soon to be a college student. Makes me feel old saying that. Regardless, point being, paid advertising is reliable advertising as you know what’s happening and you can adjust immediately if a campaign isn’t working.

With Google, Yahoo and Bing free organic search results you literally have to wait months and often years depending the niche you’re targeting and the market saturation your targeted keywords are in all algorithms. Talking about things being a pain, right? Without getting my point wrong, free organic traffic should always be in your strategic map, but you should understand it as it really is for every site that currently ranks in search, an entitlement. Just like free regular newsfeeds from Facebook free accounts still are, free perks, entitlements. And darn great ones to be privileged off, right?

The reasoning behind that neither Facebook nor Google have “free” as priority is simple, Google is a business, not an industry and certainly isn’t in the hospitality niche to say the least (even when some would disagree Google is an industry by itself) reality is, that Google, certainly is a for-profit company. A darn exceptional one and both Facebook and Google should continue to dislike with a growing passion search engine optimization experts thanks to their billion dollar affiliated departments, Google Adwords and the more recent Facebook Advertising team!

Just like with Google, even if you haven’t notice the changes already in Facebook, each of your free post won’t grow as popular as before (unless you get married, your ex brings a negative shout out to you or you bring a cool tantrum of a post) as when you “like” someone and subscribe for the first time, you now have the option to set newsfeed priorities either as “default” , or as a “see first” post in your newsfeed and getting the additional option of getting notified. So imagine if not many people follow you or your products and services aren’t for everyone, you won’t get noticed much as free entitlements aren’t the very best ones for a “for-profit” company like Facebook and Google, plus it shouldn’t be as a primary core for your business. Paid advertising should be.

So just as Facebook Advertisement, anything that’s free slowly dries out as company since Facebook and Google keep a revamp to their NASDAQ stock openings and care for stockholder increases. It should be common sense, but most internet marketing just don’t see it this way or are just clueless of the reality and exclusively build their core business on just free privileges, and it just doesn’t work that way.

SEO vs paid advertisingSEO Free Organic Privileges: it’s the reason many of us live from the comfort of home and why many small businesses open as digital marketing companies. Web design companies, SEO agencies, Reputation Management and a bunch of sub-segments of niches continue to appear.

That is, because free is often king! Why pay when you can get the same for free, right?

That’s the mentality of many of us here. There are huge amount of things you should learn and continue learning about SEO. As you may recall, SEO is just another giant beast and it needs to be addressed properly and calmly. So grab yourself another coffee or sum yourself up with a nice Starbucks latte, surely helps the kinds of me 🙂

With free organic search engine rankings you should now, be aware and at least understand the following details:

  • How search results should always be your primary target when performing SEO in your HTML site or WordPress site
  • Why using WordPress is an ideal platform for Google and your own time
  • What type of Google backlinks are best and how to acquire them
  • What kind of strategic SEO approach should you have for your selected niche
  • Why PBN networks and Web 2.0 free networks should be used with Google (even if Google engineers like Matt Cutt despise such practices and would comfortably disagree on the recommendation)
  • What software is currently best for a broad linking SEO strategic approach (hint: it could be GSA SER for you)
  • How to set your website for SEO success with Google (regardless of Google best practices and policies, which are overrated)
  • Why free organic search engine rankings should always be second for building your own business (sure you’ve plenty ideas, but if it’s still debatable for you, ask others in the know-how why!)
  • The best places to get continued search engine market updates and continued education (hint: oddly, the best ones don’t charge you a penny)
  • SEO industry experts that you should be following or start following

The above are some of the crucial points to know, be fully aware and understand from SEO standpoint. Everyone has opinions and different experiences with SEO, but the above check marks truly make a difference when setting up a business or a passive income project long term. Lets just say that many of us have been in the know-how since mid-2000 and can vouch for the above bullet points.

If you’re to start a business, paid advertising would be best. Especially, in the case you’re building yourself the 1st rock of cash flow and live out of it on a consistent basis. Dependable traffic that can be traced, that should be your goal. You can still live comfortably from free search engine traffic as many of us have done, but owning multiple investment with at least 2 or more diversified websites across Google would bring you a comfy safety-net.

Some experts would argue that diversification is death and that it should be executed as primary objective, but this isn’t the hallmark of CNBC round of experts, Jim Cramer or the likes of Robert Kiyosaki selling you a best seller here. This advice comes from a guy that lives out of SEO results, paid advertisements and has lived from the written word for years as you’ve probably guessed. Best of intentions here, as always.

In conclusion, when it comes to paid advertising vs SEO, choose both! Diversify your traffic channels with multiple traffic acquisition methods. Both would give you entry points to your ideal customer, if you’ve done your market research for your business well and if you’ve set your online business “good enough” to convert. So yes, make it happen!


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SEO vs paid advertising, what’s your take on it?

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SEO vs Paid Advertising – Which One Should You Rely On?

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