Should I Use Yoast Seo Plugin In My Blog – Answers Here!

should i use yoast SEO plugin in my blog?Should you use Yoast SEO plugin in your blog? That’s definitely getting answered in this big one. The facts. SEO has been an essential process for the creation of almost every website imaginable for us. The vast digital world has given competitive platforms for millions, if not billions, of websites existing in the worldwide web.

If you want your website to land a good earned ranking in a search engine’s result, then a good SEO value is a must. SEO friendly websites can yield more traffic resulting to more visitors and readers. This is essentially important to promote your website and stay on the first page of Google.

WordPress comes with many different SEO plugins to help boost the visibility of your website. So many available plugins that picking out which to install can give you a headache. However, one of the most efficient and useful of these SEO plugins is the Yoast. Not to mention, Yoast SEO plugin has been the most downloadable plugin in WordPress since its release. And why should you use Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress blog? Here are some reasons:

  1. Snippet Preview: Yoast plugin enables you to view how your content exactly looks like when it is being searched on Google. When writing your meta information, you can make use of the snippet preview to check for yourself if there is a need to shorten or lengthen your title, and determine whether your meta description connives with the context.
  1. Google Authorship: This plugin helps you verify your website’s Google Authorship by linking your content with your Google+ account to promote your website.
  1. SEO Value Analysis: It comes with a feature that ranks every pages of your website resulting to status ranging from Good, Ok, Poor, and Bad. It evaluates your web pages by gauging the density of keywords and counting the number of occurrences where the focus keyword is used. It also provides recommendations for web pages with Bad or Poor result, accurately targeting the parts where improvement needs the most. This useful tool can help you see the status of your page at a glance.
  1. Google Webmaster Linkage: Yoast plugin can be linked with Google Webmaster that automatically sends notification to search engines once you publish your content.
  1. XML Sitemap: This plugin generates an XML sitemap file of your website that allows search engines to see the structure and specific details of your site content. This file includes the complete list of all the web pages that comprise the website and directs viewers which page to view for specific information. It offers advanced configuration where you can remove certain page, post, post type, or category from the sitemap. This XML sitemap can also support images.
  1. Breadcrumb Navigation: Yoast plugin makes navigation system easier, simpler and more logical by adding more advanced functionality to the conventional breadcrumb navigation. With this feature, it helps search engines understand the organization of your site and aids visitors to look for the information they need with ease.
  1. Plugin Development and Support: The Company who developed Yoast has been a prominent provider of high quality WordPress plugins. This company provides documentation and regular updates of their products to continuously improve WordPress as a CMS platform.
  1. Technical WordPress SEO: While WordPress itself allows you to create SEO friendly site content, you still need to use plugins to further fine-tune your website. Yoast plugin features beneficial tools such as enabling appealing permalinks, optimizing link elements and meta tags, and some other useful features.
  1. Link Elements and Meta Tags Optimization: Yoast plugin gives you full control on which pages to show on search engine results. It works by allowing search engines to index your pages with the use of tag archives and category.
  1. RSS Optimization: Content scrapers can be a real handful. And it can be a lot more frustrating to see them outranking you. You can increase your chances of forerunning your chosen keywords by attaching your RSS feed link. Yoast plugin offers feature where you can automatically add this link that directs search engines to the source article.
  1. File Editor: This plugin features built-in editor that allows you to modify your blog’s robots.txt and .htaccess files.
  1. Social Integration: Yoast plugin offers Facebook OpenGraph that provides you the correct description, title, and image for Facebook. It also supports Google+ sharing tags and enables Twitter cards to take advantage of social media platforms to boost your site.
  1. Multi-Site Compatibility: The XML sitemaps being generated by the Yoast plugin can be used in all setups by allowing you to apply your chosen settings to your other blogs.
  1. Import and Export: Application of plugins on multiple blogs is now more convenient with Yoast SEO plugin. You only need to install the plugin once and you can simply export the settings and import it to your other blogs. This functionality also allows you to import and reuse your previous descriptions and titles.
  1. News SEO: Sites appearing on the Google News have higher chances of attracting more visitors and yielding more visibility. The News SEO in Yoast plugin generates Google News Sitemaps, meta news tags and RSS feeds to help optimize your site for Google News.
  1. Canonical Link Elements: WordPress alone can only show one canonical link element on a single page. With the use of Yoast plugin, canonical link elements can be shown almost anywhere on the page. It also automatically adds Google-preferred link elements such as rel=”prev” and rel=”next”.

Almost every WordPress bloggers have benefited from this amazing plugin and you shouldn’t be left behind. WordPress itself is already a well-coded platform but SEO value can be greatly magnified through the use of plugins such as Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is the most complete plugin for WordPress, featuring cool and practical tools to enhance our on-page SEO. More additional brilliant features are coming soon and majority of bloggers have every reason to pick Yoast SEO as their favorite plugin. Getting the attention of netizens is fundamental to become a successful blogger. Integrating Yoast plugin into your WordPress can transform your article into a crafted piece that surely increases readership and SEO efforts to pay off nicely.


Before We Go – A Fair Warning and Advice

When Installing Yoast In Your Blog!

  • Yoast Plugin May Crash Your Blog – you probably read the stories online with some plugins crashing or making you re-install everything. Crashes usually come from other plugins in BETA and non-updated plugins. Yoast will work fine and install fine as long as there’s not any security plugin or related SEO plugins that is bound to work SEO functionalities just as Yoast does. It should be common sense, but for most of you reading, it is usually forgotten. Take care of it. You can avoid any potential pitfall and become 100% safe against it by making sure your blog is 100% backed up.

 Just like Life Insurance, Home Insurance and Car Insurance, there is Blog Insurance with a daily automated back-up of your site in case the worst happens. Check your hosting account settings to see if you can already schedule this. If not, get a bargain WordPress back up service like BlogVault or a permanent lifetime purchase with BackUpBuddy to take care of backups with peace of mind. Personally, I’ll choose BackUpBuddy as it has the best features to value per dollar compared to all back up services.

  •  Yoast Isn’t an 100% Google Rankings Magical Plugin – it merits the reminder! The purpose of the plugin is to gear you towards proper SEO work on your blog according to the latest SEO best practices. Practices that are geared towards Google free organic rankings. However, don’t expect top 20 rankings immediately if you’ve a brand new blog. Remember that you need authority do-follow links and relevant links to propel your site to the top of Google organic results. Work your way with Yoast as a reference source, don’t think of the plugin as the conductor for top sub-page blog post Google rankings. You need links, and lots of quality ones.
  • Yoast vs Project Supremacy vs All In One Seo Plugins – install only 1 of the plugins so you don’t have a blog crash. If you install and activate at least two of the plugins under the same blog, it is not a matter of if a blog meltdown will happen, it is just a matter of when!

All 3 SEO plugins are great, but Yoast plugin gets updated consistently and has been in the market more time! Without further ado, they’re proven and reliable. They won’t vanish anytime soon – so Yoast plugins be it free or paid plugins, I don’t think they’ll disappear unless they get hit by a truck or some sort of accidental miss pleasure. A preferred choice for many top SEO’s. Project Supremacy on the other hand is another free and paid plugin that both optimizes and hunts relevant links for you automatically upon blog post submission.

I’ll personally use Yoast to keep it simple and be cautious with Project Supremacy for big money sites, especially if you aren’t under the radar anymore as Google linking policies are quite specifics. However, then again, PBNs exist and keep being efficient, so take this bias review with a grain of salt to drop your own personal conclusions.

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Should I Use Yoast Seo Plugin In My Blog – Answers Here!

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