Smart Ways of Using Memes in Online Marketing

how to use memes for businessYou probably have seen those hilarious images. You know, the funny videos, catchy phrases on images and the combination of visuals virally spread through Facebook and other social mediums. Those are defined as memes. Memes should be in any social media manager tactical routine! Are you using memes in marketing effectively? Just, how so? Here are some ideas to start crossing some points.

Here are some clear examples of sub-niche marketing memes that seem to have found a nice audience by visiting I found them entertaining and suited for his particular niche blog. They get the job done, very well.

Part of my conclusion was simple—

Many of us have never seen anything close to my new real example. A true example of the unconventional with our US POTUS! It is true. Just try to find another POTUS with so many memes! Lord have mercy. You won’t be able to, therefore, I continually ask myself, how in this world such event could occur when the apparent odds were next to impossible? Hey, more like, downright untraditional due to cultural decor and the decades of previous political spectrums established?

The first POTUS that was clearly “memed” into office according to a sum of social media managers! As a meme, the US Presidential election would be a fantastic study.

using memes in marketingWhen Memes Happen!

What does this have to do with marketing and memes? A lot! If you remember some of the political memes published online, you’ll see the nuances. In an objective, in-a-nutshell review, the memes displayed for Hillary Clinton often showed her as someone who was inauthentic and a possible corrupt political figure.

Adding fuel to objective reality, and surprisingly so, Trump memes were often portrayed as an authentic businessman that could connect with the American people. Do you see where I am going with this piece?

You can be the most senseless, bizarre and obnoxiously loud person, but if you’re an exemplar to culture and your target market – you might also get WOW meme results – like the Donald! How do memes all fit into the internet marketing equation you might ask? Some valid points here.

  • Memes are excellent for viral publicity – as everything in life, do something well enough and you shall have enough rewards for it soon. Common sense, right? Well! If your meme is well done, funny, addresses a reality and perhaps controversial – oh boy – it’ll often hit a jugular vein! Be it positively, negative or in mix ways. Memes, therefore often become a viral success.

There isn’t a day that goes by and quite a few of us don’t stop getting memes of all natures. Funny, with partial sarcasm, happy stories, great messages, sad moments, awesome dejavú integration – memes are here to stay! Embrace the viral publicity these would give you, showcase them in your Facebook profile and use them as part of a strategic marketing campaign.

Here are two great ways to strategically use meme publicity for website traffic…

  • Add positive quotes in lively images – positivism is often loved everywhere, especially at Facebook were news feeds are often charged with daily doses of humorist meme. Get ideas from quotes the likes of BrainyQuotes, to give you starting ideas (it won’t be plagiarism as long as you quote the original author) or make your very own quotes if you’re the creative type and add some spark to your own marketing by placing those quotes in nicely edited optimized images. And you guessed it, post your website at the bottom of each meme so you can get traffic from each quoted image.

A word of caution being, just make sure you quote the original author as there’s a lot of online police that’ll surely bring up possible plagiarism issues as some other person with your brain might have said something similar 50 years ago. It can get a little crazy, success breaths envy in many without proper proof. Just keep it safe if you’re indeed copying someone else work and just give proper credit.

  • Mimic or Improve Meme Sarcasm – there is an excellent meme story in a lot of us, but Mr. Emmet Moore, a convicted Wolf of Wall Street type of blogger, by his own history, forms a great example with his blog and meme use. shows excellent examples on how to take advantage of memes with funny, outrageous and sarcastic memes with his own valuable review trading website. The guy has been challenged to court, sued unsuccessfully and continued threads appear on comments by website traders – but since a battle in court from many of the traders won’t survive and overlook by a judge – the blog lives on and the memes shall continue month after month.

This is the scary, bold and unconventional ways of using a meme, but surely an effective way of using it as quite a few of us just visit the site just to see the latest, funny and creative meme recently uploaded. I mean, seriously, who wants to trade commodities when you’ve SEO and better passive income ways to riches? I’ll surely leave that adrenaline to Emmet and other traders, but surely a bucket list for some of you. Take a look at, it is full of creative memes used in wise ways.

Memes should be part of your marketing strategy. You obviously will have to be careful with the legalities depending where you live, if you’re a for-profit company. Just do your diligence and be smart before pressing the send button as it might even get you fired from your job. Potentially worse, land you in civil lawsuits or God knows, even in jail.

In conclusion, memes are an ideal marketing option no matter what your business is. The challenge is often timing and their everlasting life span. If you use this tactic consistently with humor, it could be one heck of a volatile viral experience!

Ask yourself these two questions to open additional publicity options in your advertising routing and using memes in marketing:

  1. What are ideal memes that would be suited to my business?
  2. Which type of meme would be ideal for my niche? (sarcastic, positive, outrageous, chaotic, informational)
  3. How should I use this type of meme without getting in legal trouble?

Now, like an old-time guru and mentor use to say to us – let’s get to work!

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Smart Ways of Using Memes in Online Marketing

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