4 Empirical Points that Will Help Guide You to a Perfect Landing Page

starting guide for a perfect landing pageBack in the 90’s I heard the famous saying “practice makes perfect”. Fast forwards years later in our information age, and the idea really sinks more into “perfect practice makes perfect”, so to speak. That is truly how it reads through the soothing bromide commands of Tim Grover excellent book – Relentless. Flattering reads, over 15 years training legendary icon, Michael Jordan!

Now, how exactly all of these remarks fit this as a starting guide for a perfect landing page for our online business, you may ask? Here are the in a nutshell – hallmark-like   condensed answers – without playing “The Devil’s Advocate.”

The following landing page points are meant to entice excellence. A complete start in your niche domination agenda. Certainly, not perfection as a landing page guidance.

As a first…

  • A Headline That Brings Attention and Substance to Your Ideal Target! –We surely don’t see Victoria Secret busting out plus-size underwear in any of their advertisements. Complete discrimination if you ask me.

Victoria Secret is a perfect example of who they target. They target lean women that want to feel sexier wearing their brand. Pure genius, but still discriminates to astronomical high levels. The more concentrated the headline, and the more condensed your material is, the better your landing page would be and quite often – your end results.

  • Clear headline – the headline is just so important! The more concise, clutter-free and specific you can be, the better.
  • Proof of Credibility – credibility and trust go hand-in-hand. Integrating any type of proof from years of experience could drastically silence doubts. Because of it, credibility and trust would often reign closer to a sale.

Find ways to make this happen if you don’t have any credibility or trust. I am sure you’ll agree it could increase your business at least 2x depending how wide your niche market is. As a final starting guide for a perfect landing page, you’ve to ask for it! That is…

  • Bold Call to Action! This is traditionally integrated in the closing area where you ask for the sale. Finding ways to integrate it way before your refund policy through the use of images and videos draws it closer to a sale.

Having the above 4 described points in your landing page increases your chances of gaining a fan. Test your landing page with these main empirical points to get close to perfection. The key would be in the results achieved by each test done on your end.

An ideal way of testing which landing page would be best would be through an A/B split test. Many marketing programs online provide this level of conclusion automatically, this is part of the research game. One of my newly favorites for bucket testing (A/B testing) is through Thrive Themes system. They are a bargain compared to the wealth of information you get out of the system.

What about you? What other techniques and strategies have you use as a starting guide for a perfect landing page? You know a perfect landing page is the one that converts you well and consistently, so throw some additional ideas 🙂 

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4 Empirical Points that Will Help Guide You to a Perfect Landing Page

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