Is UnGagged Among the Best London SEO Conferences To Attend?

best SEO conferences in LondonThere are London SEO conferences and then there’s The London SEO Conference! There are digital marketing conferences to spend your hard earned money, and then there are just optional conferences to just consider attending. Big differences here. In the digital marketing world, seminars and conferences have distinctive traits. Allow me to remind and illustrate.

Conferences and seminars share similarities, but they differ in the specialized substance shared. The context within each different speaker differ by types of events and specialty. Conferences are often sources of continued education and ideal strategic exploitation, mostly between those already in the know-how. Conference events are usually to exchange proven ideas that work as of today and solve puzzles with folks that already have established businesses.

The fundamentals and focus are often interlinked between conferences and seminars. However, the shared focus by speaker and participants alike are different. Conferences are your ideal choice for continued education, while a seminar, could become a wise investment if your focus is towards the basics and learning the fundamentals of a given industry. A clear distinction having been to both types. Certainly, seminars are an ideal choice for learning something that’s relatively new to you. Both are great investments if you arrive prepared and with the correct mindset. I’ll discuss about a strategic approach to bringing the best value before touching the hall or shaking hands in the next paragraphs. For now, the facts and experiences.

The best SEO conferences share a very similar but distinctive trait. People in the know-how of the industry attend it to share profitable strategies and connect with proven ideas between attendees. There is a big difference between the two.

Having shared multiple experiences in seminars overseas, here is why a particular conference event might be an ideal investment for you. A totally biased review based on facts and some of our internet marketing experience come handy here. These would be further additional reasons you might also agree could be an ideal choice for you. And in the case you further ideas, you’ll read a strategic approach on how to approach each events here.

Best London SEO ConferencesUnGagged a very popular and in-demand choice in the last years for many reasons. If you’re looking to start immediate relationships with specialized people in the SEO industry, share road maps to complex digital marketing puzzles, mingle at the bar with known multi-million-dollar “A list” underground performers – UnGagged – could very likely, be an ideal investment for you.

The “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!” saying is a cherished practice in this conference. There are no recordings behind any of their closed doors events. Be it Las Vegas or London, the secrets stay behind closed doors. You won’t see the discussions being shared on eBay at $50 a pop for each 60 minute live discussion on a DVD and by overall seminar attendee experience, the investment leaves a positive mark on their internet marketing journey.

Among other underground mystery added perks, you’ll also have an emblem in the BlackHatWorld forum that clearly displays UnGagged on every forum post you do. A very wise and notable perk from BlackHatWorld management and an ideal investment if you’re to offer your own online services to future and established webmasters. Needless to say, that’ll surely enhance your image and credibility as a serious and active forum participant.  Now, very important if you’re indeed thinking of swiping your credit card at UnGagged, or at any digital marketing event to that matter.

You Now Have Enough Reasons To Consider UnGagged. But, Before Going To London Or Las Vegas – Valuable Experience Here!

  • Prepare Yourself – common sense, right? However, you’ll be surprised to find yourself doing last minute prep and getting little to no sleep prior to boarding 24-48hrs after such conference event because of lack of preparation. Be ready at least 72hrs before the flight departs with at least the basics on what you’ll be bringing to the event. That way you’ve enough planning time on your end in case you miss something. More important, by being “prepared” it’d also mean, to actually have a plan in place and at least a reason why of going – especially if you’ve a wife!

Among very helpful reminders. Know in advance who are the people (with names) that’ll be at such conference. That way you have a pre-made list on who to invest your time with based on merit according to your niche. SEO and digital marketing are just broad terms. Conference events are a learning experience, but a great percentage should be about growing your business faster by tuning your own strategy smartly. Making a list of at least, 10 people, from the likely 100 or 200 folks that you’ll get to shake hands would be ideal. Quality not quantity, remember!

  • Bring Specific Business Cards Focused Towards The Event – in other words, direct response contact information with a purpose! This one is a personal favorite of quite a few of us. Many attendees usually won’t bring a business card (which is hard to swallow and believe) and event attendees that do bring business card only have a business card with their name, website and contact! No. Don’t do that!

Instead of bringing business cards at all, why not bringing a promotional item that’ll help the folks at the event remember you? Better yet, remember how your products or services can help compliment their very own business? Making sure your business card is not thrown in the trash 6-12 hours later when the first conference is over should be your objective, your duty as a silenced non-pushy salesman.

Being of value the first seconds or minutes within a conversation with folks at seminars often helps keeping what you offer and said to folks on the conference, memorable. Your business card presentation can do that and I’ll show you how shortly, in a jiffy few sentences from now. However, its important to remember! Crucial. Being memorable is often a great when you played your cards right. Keep it smart and memorable, if you’re to offer business cards. Yes, enjoy your next bargain purchase, just make sure that what you write in that business cards would bring value immediately.

To further assist you here, instead of adding your name, email, company name and all the boring information that most folks write (I was one of those in my early 20s, this is something you eventually learn or pops out as a aha idea!) you can add this type of information in your business card instead:

  1. Replace Any LLC, Inc., or Any Related Corporate Pride Jiba Jabba – yes! Instead, I bet you got it already! Old fashion business cards, but with a twist. Add your website address, or your name since there’s very little space on each card you give out. In fact, the heck with your name if you’re anything like me, add your solution, telephone and website address and keep that biz card clean. Being clutter-free would be ideal when it comes to business cards. Nice and to the point would be suitable here. There is a chance that nobody will know you at UnGagged unless you are part of the forum and get a list of the people attending, which is unlikely as its often undisclosed and private event information. However, letting people know about your corporate name shouldn’t be one of them. I mean, think about it. If you aren’t going to move them with an impacting awesome story (there’s a high chance they’ll forget about this story no matter what!) or provide a life changing moment, replace “Company Name” with something more memorable. Your website address and/or your name would be ideal here.
  1. Add Your Own Solution – either in front of the business card with your contact information, or in front of the business card with your website address. I shared this lightly in the previous paragraph. The folks at this event are often people ready to do business and ready to own solutions to their own business. Exposing your own solution (if you’ve one) and making sure you add value somehow will put you on their remembering map. On the map of not being forgotten!
  • Make sure to bring your A’ game! Showing up is 50% of the business game, and having the correct prolific and positive attitude will easily make up 20-30% more to making it am ideal investment. The other 20% or so is in the substance and the projection you make as a possible business person to do business with live human interaction. The perception or memorable experience that other like-minded folks with plenty to offer, keep in their brains, about you is what you should focus. Too many folks in an event, why should they even think about you upon having an event finished? Again, it all revolves on planning everything nicely.

Have contingencies in place in case your conference event takes a turn, or your initial approach doesn’t work when it comes to acquiring new A’ list partnerships (if you indeed are planning to do JV partnerships), and at least get contact information from those in the A’ list. That way you follow-up when you’ve made adjustments and you’re ready for possible business with the people you met. As always, 10% is what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Most of us know it now more than ever, so the saying can be applied here as well. Plan your conference game in your mind in advance so you entertain the best outcomes and experiences.

When attending a digital marketing conference event such as the likes of UnGagged, being different and standing out professional would leave a nice memory. Don’t do what most people do! That is, bringing regular business cards that get thrown in the garbage almost immediately upon the first conference being finished. Just re-read the above suggestions, they truly work for getting quick results and leaving a nice professional impression about you.

It is easy to even confirm that most business cards don’t even make it to the end of the conference, they’ll likely end in the trash can before you arrive home again. Being average is ok, it’s the standard. However, to prevent average results knowing that having this average mindset would not be an insult, you’ll just get average results. It won’t get you the above average results or ideal results that’ll often need in order to add short term and long term bigger profits to your business – or more importantly, the added pulse to jumpstart it.

Without further ado, unlike Las Vegas, few miles away and around a 1 hour flight from London, is the real, live and authentic history of the Eiffel Tower – very close to London – in Paris, France.  Incredible leisure opportunities near London. Unlike, that is, what many believe to be the fake portrayals man-made clones done in Vegas hotels – no pun intended to Vegas fans. More importantly, if you’re married, what women wouldn’t like to visit London, right?

In the case of kids or just entertainment, there are always entertainment options in both destinations. The London Pass, The Eiffel Tower being just an hour away by hopping over a likely $150usd Virgin Atlantic flight, Museums – goodness! Endless opportunities to do a lot more than just mingle with A’ list crowd, especially if you’re to be in company with a loved one or a friend. Without further ado, if you’re a culinary fan like many of us, did you know that London happens to have the best 3 star restaurants in the entire world?

London or Las Vegas? They are both excellent choices. They are the best SEO conferences in our recent years, in most of our views. The relationships you get to make are often never ending!

Give UnGagged a shot if you’re into growing your business, making bigger connections and having long term likely business friends. Conferences such as these two above mentioned – which are the same, just different countries – are in many ways how many of us grow our business faster. That is, through connections, proven tested methods shared – and overall, better information.

What I’d definitely do now is trying to get the best possible price to this specific conference. To be more specific, to any digital marketing conference that you think will add value to you and your business. To me and others, UnGagged would be an ideal fit.

 So what is it, Vegas or London? Make sure to take your time on this one. It can be quite a difficult choice 🙂 

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Is UnGagged Among the Best London SEO Conferences To Attend?

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